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UPS HAT V3 Front View
UPS HAT V3 Back View
UPS HAT V3 Interface
UPS HAT V3 Interface
UPS 3 PCB Layout


UPS3 is the upgrade version of UPS2, we solve some questions of UPS2.

NOTE: UPS 3 ONLY supports Linux OS, DON'T use UPS 3 on windows OS.

QC charge


  • Raspberry Pi standard HAT size, all components under the PCB board, and the use of 5mm high female socket, can reduce the thickness of the expansion board, easy to put into the shell. You can use the header to increase the height.
  • Equipped with a custom long header (This is optional accessories)
  • Supports power supply of TYPE-C.
  • Type-C power supply interface is compatible with a variety of fast charge standard PD2.0/QC3.0/QC2.0 (5V/3A); Default 3A charging current, integrated chip will intelligently adjust the charging current according to the battery and power capabilities
  • Up to maximum 3A current output;
  • Long press power button 2 seconds to power on / off
  • With 4 LED power indicator (controlled by program, please refer to User Manual)
  • Supports AUTO POWER ON function (need to select the AUTO UPS switch to ON)
  • Use TI battery monitoring IC with patented Impedance Track algorithm
  • Support I2C communication to read battery capacity, voltage, charge status and battery life (please refer to
  • With charge and discharge protection and overheat protection
  • The capacity of Lithium Battery MUST be more than 2500mAh, you can use the more big capacity battery. PS: Voltage must be 3.7V. The connector specification is: PH 2.02-PIN connector

Packing List

  • 1 x UPS HAT 3 Board

User Manual

The charge level indicators (RGB LED) is controlled by program, script please refer to Github:


Q1: Customer feedback 1: I have an issue with UPS hat 3. I tried to use battery from the old tablet and pack of cells, but none of them work well and the raspberry is turning off about 0.5 to 1 second after disconnecting the power. I'm not sure, that it's problem of batteries or hat itself. Do you have any suggestions what is wrong? Could you suggest which batteries works best?

A: I guess, I found the reason why the UPS hat is not working properly. My raspberry pi is overclocked to 2.0GHz and also has increased voltage. When I use the defaults voltage and clock values in the configuration file it works better, but still I think my batteries are too weak. I'll do more tests and let you know. Currently, I find it important to note that overclocking is bad for the condition of the UPS 3 hat.

Q:Is it allowed to supply 12VDC directly to VCC and GND wires of the USB-connector ?

A: Yes, it is ok to use 12VDC directly.

Q2: We want automatic shutdown when the external AC power supply is disconnected, is possible?

A: Yes. you can program a script to get this function. Example (The following is a pseudo code):

while (1) {
  // invoke the API to get AC PSU status: connected or disconnected
  int disconnected_flag = getACPSUStatus(); 	// please refer to the user manual to achieve getACPSUStatus function;
  int battery_voltage = getBatteryVoltage();    // please refer to the user manual to achieve getBatteryVoltagefunction;
  // You can make your own actions based on disconnected_flag and battery_voltage, you can only select one condition also
  if (disconnected_flag) {
    // execute linux or software shutdown command


Q3: How to restart the pi board when AC Power supply is connected?

A: Please enable 'AUTO POWER ON' or 'AUTO ON' function if you want restart when the AC Power supply is reapplied.

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Anonymous user #4

19 hours 59 minutes ago
Score 0++
If using a high discharge battery, can the device be Modified to output more than 3A? Are there any power sensitive components?

Anonymous user #3

11 days ago
Score 0++
What is the P2 position? I want to mount an external push button power switch on the outside of my case. How would I do that? Thanks

Anonymous user #3

14 days ago
Score 0++
Is there a way to add an external On/Off switch?


12 days ago
Score 0++
You can check the P2 position.


14 days ago
Score 0++
I was going to come here and ask a bunch of questions about why things didn't work... Instead I'll say: nice reverse current protection! My battery was wired backwards...

Anonymous user #2

18 days ago
Score 0++
Can I add pins to the back of the module in order to attach another HAT on top of it?


12 days ago
Score 0++
why not?


19 days ago
Score 0++
It look the long awaited product for small robots. All other have some hardware bugs and problem, this one pass all intensive testing we make for small community robots.

Anonymous user #1

2 months ago
Score 0++

Looks primising, will test it!

How to configure (limit) charging current to 1A ?