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Embedded heatsink
Embedded heatsink
embedded heatsink
embedded heatsink
embedded heatsink


Geekworm design this Raspberry Pi 4 Model B embedded armor aluminum alloy heatsink to slove Pi 4 excessive heat generation problem when use Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with its expansion board. This heatsink can also be used with a cooling fan above.

Why design this product?

  • 1. After the Raspberry Pi 4 was released, we found that the heat generation of Pi 4 also increased greatly with its performance. We have encountered many times that Pi 4 crashed due to excessive heat generation. This problem can be satisfactorily solved by use the Raspberry Pi 4 armor case with other Pi 4 external expansion board.
  • 2. At the same time, we found that various types of Raspberry Pi 4 expansion boards such as DAC+, UPS HAT, or various LCDs on the market also encountered excessive heat generation when used on Pi 4. So we try to solve this problem.
  • 3. We refer to the design of Raspberry Pi 4 armor case and simplified the design , so there is the birth of this Embedded Armor Aluminum Alloy Heatsink Radiator.

Why is it compatible with the use of expansion boards?

The Embedded Armor Aluminum Alloy Heatsink Radiator is 7mm high (designed with negative tolerance) and is equipped with M2.5*5+5 copper spacers; so the total height is 12mm, which can support most of Raspberry Pi 4 expansion boards; if you use expansion board with other height, you only need to replace the copper spacers with the right height. (If you need a special height copper spacers, please contact us.)

The raspberry pi hat positioning hole has internal thread for easy fixing from above or below; Compared to the raspberry pi PCB, the entire heat sink shrinks inward by 0.5 mm.


  • Only supports Raspberry Pi 4 Model B;
  • Supports to cooling down the Raspberry Pi 4 board when using the Pi 4 expansion board;(Do not support PoE expansion boards)
  • Equipped with a variety of screws and copper spacers;
  • Raspberry Pi HAT positioning hole is M2.5 internal thread; (this design is convenient to fix)
  • Supports the installation of 25mm fans; Cooling fan can be added when the heat dissipation of a single aluminum heat sink is not enough, so that all heat dissipation problems can be solved.
  • The fan equipped with the heatsink is the same fan as the official POE expansion board;

How to connect the cooling fan 风扇接口细节-1500X1500.jpg

Packing List

1x armor embedded heatsink

1x screws pack


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