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Sonoff and Slampher are our latest home automation devices. We are developing more versions to meet different needs. Go shopping:

How to install the Sonoff WiFi wireless switch?

Preparation: Switch off all related electricity source first.

Attention: The power input L N cables must connect with the “INPUT” side. The electricity output L N cables must connect with "OUTPUT" side. Remember DON`T mistaken the directions!

When connect Sonoff to home appliance(within 2200W), actually the two terminal connector ports at "INPUT" can connect to input cable L and N randomly, and "OUTPUT" can connect to output cable L and N randomly.
But in order to avoid from any safety problems, please strickly follow the wiring connection as follows:
Input Output
N ————N

Preparation: Switch off all related electricity source first.

Connect the Sonoff with your appliances, cable connections are as below:




How to install Slampher?

Screw a E27 bulb(general/LED) into Slampher firmly. Then screw Slampher into a E27 screw bulb holder. Then power on to make it work.



Pair with 433Mhz RF remote controller without WiFi


If the Sonoff and Slampher you buy has 433Mhz RF receiver inside, then you can pair them with the RF Remote controller. Quickly press "SET" button on Sonoff and Slampher twice, the red LED on Sonoff/Slampher will flash one time, then press one of the ABCD buttons on the controller once for a few seconds to pair with. If you pair it with A, then you can press A to turn on/off your device.


To cancel the pairing, you need to fast press the"SET" button on Sonoff/Slampher 3 times. If you short press the “SET” button on Slampher, it will become a switch button, with it you can turn the bulb on or off.

APP Operation

1.Download the APP to your smart phone Download the Android version APP from

Or search eWeLink on Google Play.

The iOS version has released, you can search eWeLink in App store to download.

2.Install the APP to your smart phone

3.Register a new account

You`ll need to enter your phone No. and password(at least 8 characters). Enter SMS verification code to register.

4.Login with your account.

5.Add devices

Android Version eWeLink: 1) For Android version, you must open the WiFi on your phone before add device.
2)Then long press the “SET” button on Sonoff/Slampher until the green LED indicator fast blinks(you can use your finger to press directly).
3)Click “+” to add devices.
4)Then click “Start searching”, it will auto-search and connect the “ITEAD10000xxx” WiFi around you.
5)Select your WiFi account and enter password(If no password, keep it blank), click remember so that next time you don’t need to fill in again.
6)Click “next” to name your device, then tap on“next” you will add the device successfully.
iOS Version eWeLink:
1)For iOS version, you`ll need to long press the SET button on Sonoff/Slampher until the green LED indicator fast blinks.
2)Click + to add new device.
3)Then open phone Setting>WiFi>connect the WiFi begins with ITEAD, enter default password 12345678.
4)Go back to the App to confirm.
5)Then enter your WiFi router SSID and password.(If no password, keep it blank)
6)Finally, name your device and submit.
NOTE: If you see the new added device is offline, please wait for a moment. If it keeps offline, please power off the device, then power it up, if everything is ok, it will become online on the App.

If you use use WiFi A to add the device, when switch to WiFi B, you will unable to control the device. To make the device work with WiFi B, you need to delete it add it with WiFi B. One device one owner. If you have successfully added a device to your account 1, you cannot add this device to another account unless you delete it from account 1. Only the owner of the device can share it to other account.

Green LED indicator meanings(for both Sonoff and Slampher)


1.Green led fast blinking means in pairing status.


2.Green led keeps on means device has connect to server successfully.


3.Green led quickly blink one time and repeat, which means device fail to connect to router. In this case, please confirm your wifi name and password is correct and repair again.


4.Green led slowly blink means device has connected to router and server, but fail to be added in device list. Then try to add the device again.


5.Green led quickly blink twice and repeat, this means the device has connected to router but fail to connect to server. Then please confirm your wifi router works normally.

6.Delete devices

To delete a device in Android version, you need to go to the devices list, then slide the device name from right to left. You will see the delete icon, just tap it to delete your device.

To delete a device in iOS version, enter a device, you'll see the "Delete"button intuitively.

7.Manage Group,Scene, Smart Scene (Android)

Enter into “My devices” page, slide to left to enter into device management center. You will see your devices has been specified as Shared Group and default group. Tap on the upper right corner to create new group, scene or smart scene.
You can specify your device into different group, this helps easily manage a huge quantity of devices. For example, you can create a new group called: Kitchen. Specify all those devices installed in kitchen to this group, next time when you leave the kitchen, you can just enter into the group”Kitchen” page to turn off all devices.
Enter a group, you can remove or add more device. If you delete a group, the devices belong to this group will still exist in “My device” list.
A scene contains many devices, set each device status to be Close(off), Open(on) or Keep(keep current status), then save it. All devices will be automatically executed the preset status. So you can use the scene to specify different LEDs to scene A, set them on or off or keep, save and the system will auto execute the scene.
Smart Scene
Currently, only Sonoff TH(Sonoff TH10/TH16) and Sonoff, Sonoff RF, Sonoff SV, Smart Socket support this function. To use this function, you must prepare a Sonoff TH and at least one of the devices(Sonoff, Sonoff RF, Sonoff SV, Smart Socket). Add all these devices to your account, shared devices are not supported.
In a smart scene, you can preset a temperature range to turn on or turn off the other device(Sonoff, Sonoff RF, Sonoff SV, Smart Socket). Note that you should let Sonoff TH in manual mode, only when it trigger the condition can the task be executed. For example, set Sonoff TH10 in manual mode, set smart scene condition Sonoff TH10≥27℃, execute Open Sonoff. If your Sonoff TH real temperature is 26℃, when it become 27℃ or higher, Sonoff will be auto turned on. But if your original real time temperature is higher than 27℃, it cannot trigger the condition and turn on Sonoff.
To sum up, to use the smart scene, you need to:
1. Have at least one Sonoff TH and one of(Sonoff, Sonoff RF, Sonoff SV, Smart Socket).
2. All above devices should be added in your account, you are the owner. Shared devices not supported.
3. Sonoff TH is in manual mode, not auto mode.
4. Real time temperature accross the preset temperature to trigger the condition.


8.Share devices Enter the device you want to share, tap on icon "Share" then enter the Phone number (this phone No. should register and login first, stay online) you want to share with. Then he/she will receive an invitation message, by accepting the invitation, he/she will have the authority to control the device you share. Only the owner of the devices has right to share devices. Itead is improving the App UI design, we keep upgrading the App for that. Currently, labels for our sample batch are not very appealing and we do not offer screws for Sonoff, Itead will surely improve all these issues for our final product. Many people care about CE certification very much, Itead will also work on it. Another thing that most people worry about is the server. What Itead smart home series use is Amazon AWS Global Server, which is stable and easy to be accessed. We have a team to back up our smart home products and we'll make them better and better.